We arrange a meeting over the phone. We have an exhibition design going on and the graphic image has to be proper, a team work for a unified result. We get to the studio. We start with a bit of small talk before we get going. When talking about everything and nothing, we always come up with some funny knowing fact. The other day I read that the origin of the skater pools is in Finland... We sit down and tell them about the exhibition project. They listen. They rarely say something. A one-off question, especially about the concept. You can tell that those two brains are analysing what we're saying. They store information and keep quiet. They listen. Some people hear and others listen. Enserio listens and understands. We tell them were the proposal comes from and the reasons why it cannot be otherwise. They listen. We keep explaining until there is not an inch left to explore. It's funny, but they always like the proposal. We're done. We can always be at ease, we know that the job is on track. We end up again talking about stuff. When we meet again they show one only proposal. It's how it got to be. There have to be no other options if you are clear. They got the message. They show a graphic image which perfectly matches the idea we had in mind about the space. A precise, meticulous, rigorous and smart result. Just flawless. Enserio listens, understands and resolves.

Espai Androna
Ephemeral architecture and design


Summer 2014. I was hired for an editorial project and told I would have to work with an agency called Enserio (which literally translates as seriously). Hmm This name doesnt sound too promising, I thought sceptically: an agency that wants to come across as if they dont take themselves too seriously, but who produce quality work and at the same time they come up with such a silly name? (Are you serious?) With these low expectations we met for the design presentation of our first book together. With a quiet confidence they presented a design that turned a project that started as a serious and academic endeavour into a unique series of books: serious but fun, almost playful. I couldnt help but fall for it. Since then, this story has repeated itself multiple times: confident presentations and unique designs serious but fun, almost playful. Their proposals are crafty and unconventional, sometimes requiring me to sleep on them, but never just because and always meticulous. Dont call them if you just need somebody to replicate whats already in your mind. They dont work like that, and be warned: they are very stubborn.

gata Losantos

Carrer Blanquers, 126
17820 Banyoles (Girona)
+34 872 980 977

Ferran Rodrguez
620 683 498

Miquel Amela
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