Brugulat is a reference high school in the Girona region, a modern and pioneering centre, with a long trajectory in the field of vocational training. It is a place where things happen. Many things! It is a lively and dynamic centre where around a thousand people live every day.

Taking this idea as a starting point, a whole visual system based on movement has been created and represented through typography and 3D illustrations.

In a high school such as Brugulat, many different realities coexist: students, teachers, families, companies and entities. In order for everyone to feel part of it, we have compiled the most used names by the different groups, resulting in 5 names, ranging from Brugu (in its shortest version) to Josep Brugulat High School (in its most institutional version). The coexistence of names, all equally important, allows us to demonstrate with facts important concepts that are part of the DNA of the Brugulat, such as diversity, coexistence, inclusion, open thinking, modernity and audacity.


Institut Josep Brugulat


3D illustrations and 360º animations: Marc Sarquella
Photo: Sílvia Poch
Animation: Mak Džinović


Laus 2023. Silver