De Banyoles

The traditional tourist brand model, based on an ingenious slogan and a postcard image, has become out of date. The new brand of the city of Banyoles has been conceived in order to break this formula, communicate with its own voice and provide a renewed and up-to-date vision. It aims to offer a cross-sectional view of the city that goes beyond the promotion of conventional tourist attractions.

To achieve this, we have created the De Banyoles concept. A brand, a slogan reduced to the minimum expression and a concept in itself, which is articulated in two fundamental parts: the feeling of belonging and the geographical indicator.

The pride of belonging to a city is a very powerful feeling and, in the case of Banyoles, this feeling is deeply rooted. The promotion of a city begins with its inhabitants who, being aware of the town’s uniqueness, become the city’s true ambassadors. The brand also acts as a geographical indicator, identifying and binding together any element that is part of the city, from the most relevant to the most imperceptible.

The end result is very simple in form but powerful in content. With this project we also intend Banyoles to become a benchmark for other cities and in time move towards a new model of tourism promotion.


Ajuntament de Banyoles, Àrea de turisme


Photography: Sílvia Poch
Texts: Àgata Losantos
Audiovisuals: L'Upuntvuit