Farmàcia Gratacós-Nadal

Corporate image and signs for the Farmàcia Gratacós-Nadal, a pharmacy located in Besalú, a town of medieval origin known for its fortified Romanesque bridge. By coincidence, the symbol of pharmacists, the Malta’s cross, is also of medieval origin. This coincidence leads us to carry out a research and inventory of crosses of the Middle Ages that subsequently become the main element of the pharmacy’s image. For the interior signage design, we have com up with a very versatile modular system, which allows to make location changes in an easy and cost-free way. By imitating the product boxes of a pharmacy, we create a unit that contains a letter. The shelves incorporate a guide so that the words can be easily composed and the boxes are securely fastened.


Farmàcia Gratacós-Nadal


Estudi d’Arquitectura Interior Maite Prats


Laus 2020. Silver
Laus 2020. Bronze