Dimension lines are used in technical drawing to determine the measures of the forms represented on an architectural plan. They are lines that lay parallel to the measured object, with arrow symbols at the tips that help define the length of the object. This element, so familiar to people projecting three-dimensional objects on paper, has become the centerpiece of the branding of Xavi Cornejo Architects.

Abstraction turns the dimension line into a free element, basic and versatile with which to experiment. As a result of this experimentation, Tipocota is born.

Tipocota is a fine and elegant typography, with a very strong personality. It transports us directly into the world of maps and technical drawing. The stroke of the line level is constant, with an invariable thickness. Thus, a delicate line bounded by arrows at the ends projects simple geometric shapes to create the 26 capital letters of the Catalan alphabet.

The poster is offset-printed on 112-gram tracing paper, model Curious Collection-Clear Translucents.
Xavi Cornejo Arquitectes
Photography: Slvia Poch

Poster 50x70 cm.